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Hi all on east coast
anyone know if there any mackeral from the shore from whitby scarborough or brid or any catches of fish from anywhere if so were
cheers lads
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Hi helpimafish

I was down on filey brig monday and tuesday.. the anglers down there had not been catching any mackeral from the shore..... i did see a few shoals of them about half a mile from the shore.....the gulls where going mad diving for them!!

The sea was like a mill pond...flat calm......I can't help you much more than that as i am back home in dorset now........

The local tackle shops in brid said that quite a few bass had been caught off the beach.......
cheers bassbites i was fishing the comp on filey brigg on sunday but had no luck the birds were also going mad then
yea theres been loads of mackrel from back of the brigg
im going next sat with a spinning rod
A canny few was caught today at south-gare, dunno about whitby but I'll be there on friday morning about 4.30am.
I'll post back sometime on friday and let you know what happens.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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