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A couple of mackerel and a gar were caught from Stone Pier Weymouth today, but not by me.

Plenty of mini species to be had.. tompot blenny, scorpion, pollack, corkwing and ballen wrasse, pout, and a first for me this year...a rock goby.

took loads of weights and lost none at all, it seems that you only lose weights when you take just a few.

where to fish next ?

spider crabs every chuck at Swanage and Chesil...or shoulder to shoulder with mackerel bashers....

Neighbour reports very large mullet cruising around Lake Pier at low tide today when he was on kid crabbing duty.... but am not inclined to waste any time trying to catch one, might try float fishing at Swanage.

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I'm off down to Weymouth tomorrow for the week, well Barton bradstock, planning on challenging my fianc茅e to a bit of LRF, most species wins, where abouts where you fishing? Also rigs and bait, would 3 hook flapper with small hooks and rag work?

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I was fishing at the seaward end, seaward the side of the observation platform

size 6 hooks, little bits of ragworm, salted and fresh ( no difference in catch rate ) and little bits of raw prawn. fish close in, a yard or two. Two hook paternoster, no swivels or bling, simply tied with overhand knots in 20lb line, 5 or 10 lb hook length, a few inches long attached by looping.

more info on my blog. a few species to be had from the east arm of West Bay Harbour by the rocks, easy fishing.

details of all local marks on my blog, click link in signature
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