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It is 2 hours to the East from Seoul the capital city of South Korea.
This city is also popular among Korean people for its beautiful long beach and thick Pine tree forest and mountains.
(In the year 2018, the Winter Olympic took place in Korea.
The very place of where the event took place was Gangneung and Pyungchang.
I took a trip to Gangneung for camping and fishing.)

It is good opportunity for fresh air and relaxation.
So, I stayed one night in the forest.

Since I love fishing, I decided to find food for myself by fishing.
I made a plan of catching Mackerel and make Mackerel stew.
Korean people like Mackerel and it is one of the most common fish that we can find easily in the market.

Please watch the video of my trip and process of fishing and cooking.


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Excellent video, thank you.
The mackerel stew looked delicious, and what a lovely place to eat it!
Can you tell me the ingredients of the sauce please, or even better, do you know a recipe for it, as you do not see it in the supermarkets here.
I caught some mackerel yesterday morning and cooked them on the barbeque for lunch, but I would like to try making your mackerel stew some time.
Are the camping platforms to stop snakes coming into your tent or just to give a nice flat surface that does not get muddy when it rains?
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