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Hi all.
If you fancy a Marlin or A Tuna while on holiday in Madeira (which is a quite affordable and interesing holiday destination, hugely rich in culture fauna and flora i may add) i recomend this charter.

I looked online for a charter before travelling and was quoted crazy prices. Dont do it. Instead:

When i got to the island i went to the marina and they have a kiosk. Their main advertising is for the catamaran that does the whale and dolphin viewing (which is also cool) but lookout for them. Friendly staff. Chris, the girl in the kiosk. :)

Inquired about the boat and they took me to it. Great boat. Space for 4 fishing. Good gear (included, don't bring gear/bait) Penn internationall big game reels mainly with a couple of Shimanos also. Sturdy set ups. Strong rods and outrigers. Big game chair all ready. Freindly and experienced skipper and 1st mate. Explained drinks (water beer softdrinks) sandwiches and fruit provided. Standard advisory, Marlin and Tuna are abundant in Madeira Island but there is no guarantee a fish will be caught.
Booked trip for a shared charter. Full day. 7 hrs. 250 euros. Fair price. 9:30 start. Get there early.

Another disclaimer- this was my experience. Yours may vary.

Skipper and mate were top notch throughout as was the boat and gear.

2 Blue marlin caught. Brought to the boat, tagged and released. Estimaded 800 and 900 lb. Crew did mention they tend to be a bit smaller. We had a good day.
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