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Magor Ledges

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My son David and 2 of his pals fished magor yesterday, they are all relative novices but David has been there before a couple of times with me so he knows the dangers.
He caught 6 pin whiting and a small Codling and his mates had similar catches.
He said he knows a few people at college who are getting into sea fishing who are around the 17/18 year old mark.
He's told his pals about the forum so you may see a younger breed coming through.
It's good that they've got an interest to stop them hanging around outside the shops- he was full of it when he got back.
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seeing younsters comming into the sport is always a good thing chris.and if they come on here and read the sensable posts then they will learn the right way to do it.not like some of the numptys i'v seen lately
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