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Makos have to be the most agressive sharks I've encountered, and certainly one of the fastest. And one of the few that's likely to grab a marlin lure tracking at 7 or 8 knots. And jump a lot higher than any marlin I've encountered.

Apart from one huge fish off Venezuela, estimated at well over 1000lbs, that shredded virtually all of one side off a 400lb plus Blue Marlin I was playing their normal modus operandi is to attack and bite off their prey's tail. They disable the propulsion unit and then dine at will. I've seen this with Bigeye Tuna in the Azores. And also seen the floating carcasses of Swordfish that must have been similarly attacked.

You may want to view this web site for a boat, the Snapper Trapper, that operates out of Pensacola in the 'States. They were cruising just off the beach looking for Cobia when they spotted a huge splash. When they went to investigate they found that a 1200lb plus Mako had attacked a really big Tarpon, well over 200lbs. As well as a picture of the Tarpon on the web site - - there's also a short video clip of the Mako swimming around with it in its jaws. Just be warned though the language from what is a bunch of ******** is pretty strong! Just make sure that you mute the sound track if any children or ladies are around.
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