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Malaysia and Indonesia

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Hi guys, I'm going travelling for a few months and was wondering if you could give me some advice.

Firstly, can anyone recommend a good book to identify fish species around Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand? I am bringing my travel rod with me for general shore fishing, but don't want to unhook something potentially poisonous!

Also, I was wondering if there are any Big Game fishing destinations around the region? I think we will be spending approximately a month moving from Kuala Lumper to Bali, before flying to Oz.

Any other information about fishing in south east Asia would be very much appreciated! :bye1:

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In Bali hire a fishing boat (they mostly have outriggers and outboards) and troll for tuna. The locals use a silvery skirted lure which looks just like a sardine when it's in the water. I used surface rapala type lures and they both caught fish up to about 4 kgs which is fantastic fun on light tackle (travel rod & 7 kgs braid. We looked for birds feeding to spot the shoals, but when there was nothing happening on the surface we drifted and used bait on the bottom to catch a range of small rock fish with the occasional larger snapper or grouper, but nothing huge. Because it's so deep my braid line outfished the skipper when it came to detecting bites.

I usually paid about £40 for a half day's fishing which was long enough because of the heat. We were based in Sanur which is nice but touristy, so I'm sure you'd pay a lot less in other parts of Bali/Indonesia. At the end of the session we'd go back to shore and get our favourite beach front restaurant to cook the super fresh tuna for lunch or dinner. Toes in the warm sand, glass of chilled white wine - wish I was back!
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