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ok arfter my little head scratching rod snapping bucket kicking
dam right frustrating journey into the world of big carp angling
im gana wipe off my camo face paint and crawl into the light
for a day!
the venue brighton marina, the date this friday 1st HW 11.08-.
HW 23-30ish
in a way this is a fairly important day as its the second foray into
the world of fishing for a mate that would other wise be propping up the bar
and trying to drink belgium dry of its holy water on his day off.
no early start for the man so ive convinced him we should hit it at
about 10.30am and fish it through to the following high tide at
at 23.30ish! east arm about peg 30-40
gana take a shed load of lug,a few frozen macky (mainly for the drop net)
and the obvious tinsel for the chucking! and see what happens
its been a will since ive been down ther
anything im missing? any ideas would be great
cheers in advance lads!
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