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Hi everyone!

I'm looking to get my one and only fishing session in this summer leave due to marriage and a honeymoon, but with being on course South of the north East I'm not clued up with where is fishing!

My regular fishing buddy and I are looking to get a night session in on Thur 20th Aug.

Can anyone suggest location(s) and any further advice would be greatly appreciated!

We are both from the North Shields area and are happy to fish beach or rock mark!

I normally travel to Eyemouth during Summer fishing, but due to work committments, we only managed to fish up there through to May, which was a little early for many species!

I wasn't bothered...just had to fish, as I knew I wasn't going to have much more oppertunity until Christmas! At least I got my line wet!

I've asked the Scot's for any advice on how it is fishing up there, and I am looking to seek local knowledge from our forum in order to make a balanced desicion on the biggest question of all...where to fish!?

This will probably be my only session until Christmas Leave so fingers crossed!

Roll on the North East Cod!

All the best Wayne.
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