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fished marloes yesterday, weather was blazing sun and hardly any wind
fished 2 hours before low water and 3 hours after(had to leave then as there was 1 hell off a rip there with the water rushing through between us and skomer island) so deffo a low water mark only.
2 of us fishing and we caught about 20 pollack up to 2 1/2 pounds, about 30 mackerel(all big too), 2 coalfish, 1 doggy and something kept biting through our hooklengths so maybe triggers or something else with sharp teeth.
all in all a lovely day
was also nice seeing birds diving into water feeding on sandeels, water was so clear u could see them swimming underwater and sammy the seals great grandfather made an appearance and stopped and stared at us for 2 mins then dived then come back up then lay on his back for another 2 mins then dissapeared
west wales is a different world ... please keep it this way
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