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cunning little gits.ani't that the truth bigbass are more cunning than any Carp.Yawn Yawn not another story a 100 odd years of dodging hooks from fisherman and ,longline's these babys are cunning belive me!
As you know big bass are very old and wize,I like to floatfish under the white clifs at freshwater bay in my 12ft tub and never used to get a bite in 4 hours,was fishing in 10 foot 15lb clear line floating 20lb braid float macky chunk,(this water is gin clear and can see the bottom)but I new they were there and put alot of effot in to catch them.So then I started groundbaiting 3 macky every 15min cut into chunks to loosen them up it went mental lost loads of fish mental fight's.
but still got 3 that day 8lb 11.5 and 12.75lb on a spinnig rod!!!!
The 2 biggest fish came up to the surface with water lapping there backs as they looked at the float trying to work out what this chunks was attached to 8 ft down,heart thumping stuff.Then they went down and took the bait(after gorging on the chunks their gaurd was down a wee tad).I could not belive what I was seeing amazing buzz.
I was hooked then and spent a whole summer doing this and where it was shallow and clear I learnt so much and caught many more fish double's.
the best way to get one was to cast into the groundbait as it sank down and got 70 % of the fish in the end.
I then adappted this for fishing brook ledge casting a macy head with a mullet ball in it,s mouth mouth closed and hook through both jaws great stealth bait for bass and casts really well,and chuck it behind the boat 30 yards(as it's only 10 foot deep but tide strong)Then have an old boat rod cut of at 4 foot get a carrier bag and tie a 2lb leadright in the midlle,holding the handles fill with macky chunks and drop over in one smooth run,bang hits bottom couple of shakes its empty reel up to the same every 15 mins this worked real well with loads more fish all of the bigger size average weight aroud 8lb stiil!
Just to tell you how sneaky they are were found out if you dropped down with the bag of bait real tight with it you would get your fish on while it was shaking a bait 3 foot away not get a sniff.And no bites in between maybee if you had your finger on the braid you could feel them touch it and drop the rod a few inch's at this time bang you got em trouble is it's a very very gentle.Later did this in 40 ft light tide same result's again and that,s my story hope your not asleep

I lost one estimated by many witnesses to be at least 17lb. That was on Eastbourne pier back in 1978'ish and all cos I did not have a drop net.
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