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went fishing today, no early start, started 11.30am to 2.30pm this would not been my favourite time but we had someone new to fishing,
on the boat today, we had a person in his own words he said he not been fishing before and did not have a clue ,but would like to catch a bass or even a mackeral would do, hard few hours a head i thought.
we got some bait, i tackles his rod, showed him how to use the reel set the drag,it was a simple running rig 2/0 hook light weight.
explained how this was not the best time to go fishing with all the boats go past, speed boat day tripping boats going by
we started fishing explained what to do let the bait over the side and slowly let it hit the bottom and let it move slowly down the tide
he dropped this bait over the side , i turned to get my rod looked round to see if he was ok, saw the rod tip dip 3 pound bass 30 seconds,it took around 10 minates to land the fish there was no rush it was all over the place but was he happy.
he caught 4 bass , 9 mackeral on a single hook on a light spinning rod.
even a single mackeral on the right tackle give a good fight
3 hours fishing middle of the day must try it again

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Good for him, bet he felt good after that start.

We were out on Sunday morning on the Strait and the bass were feeding so well that one time when I glanced across at the boat drifting near us all three of the guys aboard were playing a bass at the same time.
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