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Merc Prop Splines Question..

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Hi All, I'm looking for a replacement prop for my Merc 50hp 4 stroke 2002, the ser no on the prop is 48 7316A40 13P...without taking my prop off the engine, could anyone tell me how many splines the prop has.......There is one on the auction site which is the right diameter and pitch and is 13 splines, cant get to the marina till the weekend to check and i cant find the info on the internet.....any advice welcomed........Chris....
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Hi my motor Mariner 2007. 4 stroke 60efi was fitted with prop 73136A40P13 and is 13 splines
thrust washer no 73345
The replacement Mercury prop I installed on the hub kit it says fits
40-60 hp four stroke Not big foot
30hp four stroke 1994-2005
30-60hp 2-stroke 1977 and newer
25hp big foot
55hp seapro /marathon
hope that may be of help . Roy
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