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Mercury 40hp Powerhead Replaced

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I wonder if anyone could advise a beginner....

Ive seen a 2005 Mercury 40hp outboard for sale from an independant dealer, which has had its powerhead replaced. Apparently only did 30hours, until it went and was returned to the manufacturer, who replaced the powerhead. It hasnt been used since according to the dealer, and has 1 year's manufacturer warranty left.

It's asking price is £2500, which seems to be around 2k less than a new engine. Apparently the manufacturer fitted a new powerhead. Without seeing the engine it may be hard to comment, but is this effectively an 'as-new' engine, or does one fault make it more likely it will go again, and hence be best avoided?

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A good point, and one I forgot to ask the dealer (had thought of it, honest!). The dealer emailed:

"This motor was sold to a sailing club and had very little use, it is a "2005" but experience a powerhead fault, it was returned to the manufacture and had a complete new powerhead (engine) fitted and came complete with ! years manufacturers warranty, it represents half the cost of a new one, and it is like new."

I agree needs clarifying whether the warranty is a new 1 year one (which I presume would be better) or merely the final year of original. Will also ask what caused the powerhead failure. My main concern as a beginner is buying a duff engine second hand, but not keen on £5k for a new one. I thought this may be a good compromise.

Thanks for above replies, v useful info.

Apologies, but you don't seem to have picked up on the grommet problem mentioned above. Do check it's been sorted and sorted properly on this engine otherwise that powerhead will have to be removed again in very short order - it's about the age it starts to show and it's a time problem rather than a number of hours used problem - affects all Merc/Mariner 4 strokes 40-115hp of that vintage.
Would you consider paying 3 grand for an outboard with a brand new engine, new upgraded grommet and a years warranty from Merc ? Same difference, and that's worse case scenario.
By the time you're up to £3k, you're only £5-600 short of Tohatsu 50 TLDI - as well as being brand new (I assume Tohatsu do a 5 year warranty), ligthter, probably more reliable, more economical, maybe quieter plus 10 extra hp.

£3k for a 4 year old Merc 40 with 1 year warranty (OK I appreciate it could only be £2.5k) or £3.6ish for a brand new Tohatsu 50 TLDI - I know which I'd rather have.
I'm not sure what you mean by 'grommet?'
That's a bit worrying from a dealer! - but then I have heard that Merc/Mariner deny the problem exists. Norrie or MattyR would be able to tell you more so you can check it's been done.
I'm not sure where you're going to get one for £3.6ish, every where i looked they were 5 grand, except Bill Higham, who according to reports will not honour the web prices.
It was at Bill Higham - can't find the ad again now - when I got Tohatsu, I took the best 'boat show' price (NEC not London) to my local dealer - he first said he couldn't do it, then phoned the next day to say he could.

So don't know if you could do this will Bill Higham's prices as armour - perhaps not if it's known they don't honour advertised prices - but if this is the way they operate, why doesn't someone report them to the ASA or Trading Standards?

£5k does sound a lot for a 50hp though - Extreme Marine are advertising them at just under £4k - but that's starting to get a long way from the £2.5k of the OP even if it does rise to £3k if the grommet has to be done.

I appreciate the £2.5k is for a new engine and an old leg, but its used value will based on it being a 2005 engine and my real point was that you're talking a one year warranty verses a five year warranty.

This bit also has me worried "This motor was sold to a sailing club and had very little use" why would a sailing club buy a 40hp engine, only reason I can think of is for a safety boat and that would get plenty of use.
Our local club has 5 safety boats - three of which are in continuous use the other two of which are used occasionally for a larger event - having said that, the 'reserves' are the older, smaller boats - perhaps if a wealthy club has a similar situation, their reserve could be a new engine? - easiest way to verify the story is of course to ask who the club was and to contact them - if the dealer won't say, then perhaps there is a dodgy aspect to the story.
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