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Got a cracker this afternoon while fishing with Mathew, we fished for a few hours with no takes, then my float dipped and I missed one :evil: after that, the crabs gave me a few false calls which really pi$$ed me off
I then cast towards the edge of the shore and left the bread to wash in with the mud...BANG! the Mullet took the bread about 1/2" from the surface...lovely to see , It was then then realised I had no landing net, which is a NO NO when Mullet fishing, so I played it, and played it hard :D was one of the mosy exhilerating feelings to feel.... it run 20 - 30 yards on 5lb line, then as I tightened the rear drag up I was winding in but the fish was still taking line :D after 5 - 6 mins the fight was over, it fought hard never giving an inch 'till it was beaten... totally exhausted, I guided it towards the shore and about 2 feet away from the rocks it used it's last bit of energy to take off like a rocket, literally heading out to sea! but it was wasted I had to catch this fish , not only to get my first ever Mullet but also to make sure it was returned to the water without any damage. Mathew lifted the fish out and a couple of pics were taken, then it was returned to the water to fight another day.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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