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First visit to this West Dorset mark I managed to catch 4 bass.
Best two were 47 & 49cm.

Second visit only produced one fish but it was a nice one at 60cm
caught on a bubblegum pink Albie Snax about 12 ft from the waters edge.
It started thrashing like mad in the shallow water once hooked and then the drag started buzzing.
Two short runs later and I guided it in on a small wave.
Obviously the lure profile was right, even if the colour seems completely wrong,lol.
I've tried this lure plenty of times but this is the first fish I ever caught on it.
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Well done Greig mate馃憤馃憤
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Well done Greg , sounds like a good session, I've looked at the bubblegum colour in pitch black with UV & ultra violet light and it shines white where as white shines as dull silver .
That's an interesting reaction the uv light Dave.
Even when I shine my red headlamp on that lure it looks kind of a creamy white.
I'm colour blind though so, I can't always trust what I'm seeing, lol.

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Nice bass there,,,,
Never used that colour myself...
Nice angling boss
Thanks mate.
I was given a pack of Albie home pours and thought I would try that one out. Took me a fair time to catch on it though but, I saw it as a challenge,lol.
Gonna try a dark one next.

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Nicely dangled there Greig. Some head and shoulders on her!
Cheers Elliot.
Are things picking up for you yet?
Thinking I might wait until next spring before visiting my cousin in Jersey.
Do you usually get a decent early run of Bass over there?
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