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mild winter observations (fishing and non fishing)

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Has anybody else noticed 'odd' , unseasonable stuff in their environs this winter/spring ?
I've had the usual moz type flies Stay in sheltered parts of my garden ALL winter, 'cepting windy days and the very occasional (4?) frosts.
Sea trout bycatch (ALL returned, barbless hooks) Very Readily taking a lure start of Feb, albeit a very slow lure.
Bear in mind here that I live in Scotland, but the unharvested tiny olives on my tree from last year started growing in early Feb and some are now eating size.:eek:hmy:. + Bumblebees in Feb?? Seeing more now- unusual for here.
Baitfish (not sure type) spotted (presumably) enjoying relative heat off a sloping seawall end of Feb right alongside comb-jellyfish. They were all Right at the edge from what I could see. Not seen them since.
Leaping porpoises (pretty far offshore - Feb)
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Surfed with dolphins in the water at north Fistral for three days on the trot last week!!! Usually a summer time treat that.
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