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fished there b4 in the marina didn't catch anything BUT off the top on the mackeral stage you catch conger,bass,cod,whiting,mackeral,and lots of others
For the bait try whole squid or mackeral filet for the conger,small strips of mackeral for the whiting and big lug and rag baits for the cod
Good luck let us know how u get on.

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Dont bother with milford haven i blanked when i fished there but fish pembroke dock (Hobbs Point) great mark if you cant cast 70yds over the rubbish then use a rotten bottom weak link fish rag, lug and mackerel (big Baits) on apenell rig expect monster whiting the cod come out regularly and ive heard of 7-8lb fish coming out

good luck
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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