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milford last night

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OK ive been a lurker here for many a year and enjoyed some great info thanks!!:clap: so i think its about time i gave a little back.:fishing1:

well first time out with the beach-casters for 2 years and ended up at Milford last night, ive a problem with mobility due to dicky legs so we(misses, me and the dog) have to choose some where i don't have to walk to far the beach was full with other fishermen, there is only a small bit of beach left that you can fish now (after the storm) in between the cafes) so i ended up in front of the whitehouse and having to fish over the rocks,( i use to do years ago and got away with lifting over the rocks) there was nowhere else to go that didnt have a walk that i can manage,

we fished the run up with strips of macky and whole baby squid on two hook paternoster rigs the bites were few, but with fish baits you do expect it to cut out the small stuff, any way we only had a 6 sizable but thin looking whiting on the squid and i lost a few rigs in the rocks! but on the last cast (i was down to one rod by then after losing rigs on the rocks) and with fresh whiting flappers on the hooks at 130am the rod went down and stayed down the a fish was running for all it was worth,

i struck in to it and it was one of those very few moments you get on the beach where you cant really move the fish!! i knew it was sth very good and ive not caught a really good fish for a few years now, i was excited!!! as you can imagine:yeah:, and i also knew i would have real problems trying to get this fish in over the rocks, (lesson learned there) i never really expected to catch any thing much TBH
so cut it short, i lost the fish on the rocks i never saw it when i tried to lift it over the rocks with a really big heave, it never even broke the surface to big for me to force a lift, i think it was a ray from the slow steady way it fought but as i said i never saw it it could of been sth else very good bass maybe, gutted!! but to hook it and play it for a a good few mins of time is what fishing is all about for me, so im not to unhappy! and the fact i had it on has given me a new boost to get back down to Milford again very soon

so on reflection it has taught me, not to expect to catch very little as many a long night has produced in the past , and i will be back down there as soon as the tide is right tight lines lads! G
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Unlucky m8. Good to hear that this episode has given back your mojo for [email protected]!

Sounding like u hit a ray but could it be possible you hooked into a decent Turbot dunno if any specimens have appeared in the area in the past? Especially when you hooked up with it Using Whiting for bait!

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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