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me dai and huw launched from warrior about 8.30 this morning and headed straight down to the dakotian wreck off dale.the wind was blowing a strong easterly and it was raining:huh:the big baits went down hoping for some conger but with wind against tide trying to keep a bait on the floor was beggining to be a problem.after losing my first conger rig in the wreck it was time to go light for some pollock,and they didnt disapoint.had plenty of pout and pollock up to about 3lb and were landing a steady stream of fish until the wind picked up and we had to run for shelter up the haven. tryed for some ray off gelliswick but only the dogs wanted to play so we finished off up the river to have a play with the wrasse:fishing1:Dean

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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