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I was sent a book in the post by sea fishing wales and recieved a leaflet saying.....................


The minimun size limit for taking bass throughout much of the UK and wales is 36cm. However within the area covered by the south wales sea fisheries committee, which starts at the mouth of the river rumney east of cardiff and runs west as far as cemaes head at the southern end of cardigan bay, this has been increased to 37.5cm. the welsh federation of sea anglers stipulates at 45cm limit for anglers fishing competitions run under thier rules.

Hi Rob
I think you will find the 37,5cm is a commercial landing size, this has been increased from 34.7cm.
WFSA have increased their size to 45 cm for non commercial gain to promote fair angling and give a Bass a chance to spawn before it is caught, likewise
SWWASAC size is 18 inches 45.7cm again the same reasoning as well as promoting Catch and release.
On average a 18 inch fish is about 2.5-3lb in weight.
I hope this helps you understand the size diffrerences.
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