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Target species Mackeral and black Bream

My fishing buddy SpecialistSea, myself and some of my hoard, decided to ave a bash for some mackies and at the same time on the other rods do some proper fishing and try for some Black Bream.

I was testing my new(ish) 7HT and I thought what better way to test it with some tinsel chucking

We set up away from the 'others' others being nutcases who stand shoulder to shoulder and perform all kinds of weird petti mal type movements whilst they endeavoured to strangle, decapitate and generally cause mayhem in the pursuit of their quarry.

Not that I would wish any ill upon anyone really, why don't more of them get really badly injured ?
Is it that blind ignorance protects them in some way ?

First cast SpecialistSea has an interesting bite which ended up with a Tub Gurnard this one fell to a small slices of Mackerel

30 mins later not to be outdone I landed a similar sized Tub Gurnard, in all my years I have never caught a Gurnard from the beach let alone see two in one trip, or so I thought !

All the while this was going on we were bashing the foil, trying our bestest to land a few mackies. In a word (or two), no Mackies.

As we watched the storm front race towards us from the south we decided to call it a day, on SpecialistSea's last cast he landed a smallish Black Bream and I, on my last tinsel chuck caught a..... small Tub Gurnard.

Strange days indeed

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