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Hi everyone,

We decided that as the kids are away for half term, we would go fishing Tuesday night.
As we didn't have much in the way of bait (and this was decided at 17:30) we (me) went and dug some lug and Corrie collected a few crabs.

The plan was to fish Sandwich bay, however as I can see across the marshes as far as Dover from here, You could see that it wasn't exactly going to be dry over there. A quick look out of the front of the house saw nice clear weather over towards Birchington.

As we drove towards Monkton roundabout the sky was black to our right and clear to the left so Minnis it was!

We arrived somewhere around 22:00 and wandered up towards Plum pudding island.

Due to my old age and not being fit enough to dig lug anymore, my back decided that we were going to stop somewhere between the beach huts and plum pudding.

We set up and cast out using crab baits but didn't have any bites. Corrie eventually had a bite and reeled in an eel (her first this year). This fell off as I went to help her untangle it and made its' way the few feet back into the water.
This was all we had caught between us by the time creedy stopped to see how we were doing.

After another hour or so I eventually had a bite and pulled in a small bass about a pound in weight (but fought like something much bigger). This was quickly unhooked and returned.

We were constantly getting small bites but didn't connect with anything until my rod pulled hard over and something with a bit more "go" in it was hooked. This turned out to be a doggie of quite a nice size and this was also returned.

Both these fish (and all the small bites) were on plain old lug as we were getting nothing on crab and only had one knock when using sandeel.

No picture were taken of the fish, due to the battery on the camera being down, and Corrie taking pictures of the red sky and cloud formations and the rock I managed to get stuck on my hook. I said that as it was a small rock it should be classed as a rockling.

That was it really. A pleasant dry evening, clear sky, loads of shooting stars, corrie laughing at me continuously as I either fell down the beach, hooked a rock, caught my line in my headlight while casting (I have no idea how I managed it either) or tripped over the discarded rock (more than once). At least I didn't get a birdsnest while creedy went past.

Corrie said this post should be entitled "Laurel and Hardy fish Minnis Bay".


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LOL your getting old and demented Malcolm! Hahaha At least you got out there mate, and didn't blank. Bowler hats and fake moustaches at the ready:):clap2:

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Dont worry Malcolm,looks as if you maybe able to get the boat out over the weekend,the wind is dieing away and Saturday and Sunday is looking good.

That sounds about right Ron...

Kids are back saturday and Corrie is off to a dog show in Romford sat night/sun morning...
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