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mixed fortunes

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last week headed up to durness for a wee bass bash. which ended up being quite good had 7 bass none bigger than 2.5lbs but great fun. then today we headed up to scrabster for some fun on my boat. i normally would charter a boat but my brother aint the best on a boat so if we needed to make a haisty retreat we could do. first of into mackerel got about 40 in an hour so happy we had enough we went round to try for cod and ling. as we stoped i went green and baited the water:uhuh: felt great after that but it made my bro start which was the worst possible outcome. i droped my line and within 2 minutes had a nice 8.5lb ling. then my bro was just too unwell so we had to head home:bangin::bangin: i was gutted but thats life. so today 6hrs driving 1 hr loading and unloading boat and 1.5 hrs fishing. now thats just pants.:blink::blink::blink:


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Sorry to hear you didnt get to fish longer bud, at least you got some fish before you headed back in...

I dont think your brother will want to go out in your boat again soon...

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