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Its always good to know good or bad reports from all areas to build up a picture of what's going on (or not!) around the place, so for the record...

The weather having been bad over the past few days meant that the water around the south east coast has been very chocolatey. After a short period of calm yesterday evening and all of today, I thought I'd venture up to the Admiralty pier for a short post-high tide evening session.

I already knew I wouldn't be catching mackerel, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway as I haven't been out for nearly a week, and I fancied brushing up on other technniques like float-fishing and that winter past-time of mine, ledgering.

An ominous start at 6:15pm with the pier man telling me that only 1 mackerel had been caught all day and that a yakker had been out just off the wall for an hour with nothing to show for it...

Anyway, setup at my favourite spot next to a Dutch couple as a dejected procession of shoe-scuffing bashers left with light buckets and heavy hearts.

The pier was almost deserted by 7:30pm which told you something about the fishing all day, but it was a beautiful evening with very clear views to Les Merdes.

After various pratting about with feathers and floats and making up rigs from left-over discards (including scraps of bait as the fishing was so bad and I had come unprepared!), I caught two poxy pin whiting, which actually was a minor triumph in the face of adversity.

Near to the wall the sea was a bit clearer, but out with the outgoing tideline, the water was still that churned yellowy/browny colour.

Other mentionables - there was a weirdo in a diving suit lazily bobbing up-and-down in no hurry to go anywhere at the bottom of the wall who was either seeking to enter the country illegally on the sly trying to be mistaken for a bit of flotsam or had a rather silly death-wish. And yes, he was most definitely alive.

Anyway, the wind had completely dropped off by 9pm and the sea was like a mill pond with the only waves coming from some toffo-speedboat and water-ski types.

And although I saw the odd big splash - like someone slapping a big 2-pounder back in from the pier (although nobody was and no seagulls around at the time either to be dropping fish), there was not an awful lot going on.

Even the Dutch couple turned out to be a brother and sister duo on holiday from Yorkshire! 'eeeeee. :bye1:
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