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pathfinder 8

an "s" class composite blank from cono-flex rods.

specially built up by alba rods exclusively for moonfleet angling.

two piece alloy realseat from pacific bay.

deep pressed pacific bay guides, ideal for braid.

casting 10-12 oz downtide plus bait.

i was recently asked by a good friend and top angler to review the above rod.

the idea was to fish for species at both ends of the spectrum,

first impresssions very sleek, and very light and manageable.

apart from the nicely contrasting silver aloy reelseat, and subtle silver lines in the

whippings this rod is jet black... wow very nice and instantly appealed to the tackle tart in me....

back to reallity and a test was needed for this very "pretty" rod ...

a simple test was decided on resulting in a mackeral and tope session ..

fishing for the mackeral was an enjoyable experience and the sensativity of the rods top quarter

really amplified every move of the quarry.... bream would be awesome.

then came the tope, i hooked into a male of about 35lbs and a real fiery one two, the rod really came into

its own ... after the top quarter bent over the rod became progressively stiffer and stood up to the bully boy

of a tope, and could do much better i suspect !

to sum up.. this is a deceptive rod that could be fished with for smaller species without ever handling anything bigger

than a bream and be a great rod .... but "mr hyde" would always be lurking !

would i buy one ? .....

oh yes.....and am about to order one, but i would want a nine foot six inch version.

chris wareing

boat / shore angler
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