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More OTG - with cross step

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With the fine weather tempting us down to the beach , Ferdi , Ryan and I decided to head down . The wind was to prove unfriendly coming in at a southerly and running as a strong crosswind for us but thankfully not so strong as to raise to much of the find sand.
Rod for the session were to be my Century Excalibur E1000 , Excalibur "J" Curve and Tip Tornado Match, with all rods running Penn 's with me the Squall 15, Ferdi the Squall 12 and Ryan running the 525 Tourno Mag.
Weight as usual for me was the 175 gram and for Ryan and Ferdi the 150 gram , though it was pleasing to see Ryan and Ferdi both happy to have a few casts of the Excalibur E1000 and the 175 gram weight.

Ir was decided that the guys would step up their OTG work with more rotation and also the introduction of a cross step to load the rods a bit more and allow them to punch the leads into the cross wind better. As you will see in the video Ferdi started off where we had last session and was doing very well though he needed to check his head position . Ryan started off using my Excalibur & 175 gram and soon realised that he needed to widen his step and get both arms out in from or he suffered from cutting the corner. His cast however improved as he went back to the Match and 150 gram though the wider stance was still lacking.

My casting was OK for the most part but my last one was a bit wayward as I failed to stop the arms and especially the right at 1 oclock and get the left arm pull timed right.

All in all a good session that allowed a relaxed afternoon out in the sun.

OTG practice with step - YouTube
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