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more practice this morning 175g.

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back to our local field at the cliff tops this morning for 6am, mist moved off followed by persistant light drizzle - lovely.
Using google earth i have measured out from our casting spot to the edge of the far cricket ground oval line to 195m, to the next marker there is a wierd shaped thing marked out on the grass, the tip of this is 216m, this morning casting was going well and i was beyond the 195m by a few metres so i am now very close to the 200m consistantly, Steyning last week really dissapointed me, good wind and no reason not to of hit the 200m, casting went to pieces again, timing everything was crap, managed 188m, trying to hard again and loosing metres with poor technique, must keep a clam head next time.
Back home by 8am as public starting to appear and also hurt my left arm muscle - at least i know i am using my left arm during the pull.
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Hi Steve
I know its easy to say, but Concentrate on the technique, and forget about distance, and the meters will come. You be surprised how many peoples first cast of the day is there best of the day. It's because they are concentrating on technique and keeping it all together, and of course, trying not to look a to much of numpty:huh:.
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