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Been a while since i put a report on here as its quite embarrassing not putting one on without pics after all the great reports .
but anyway. fished the mussel beds morecambe on friday and with not being out for a good while was not really up for it . HOWEVER
from the start to the finish approx 2 1/2 hrs the fish never stopped biting . bait was frozen black and a 3 hook rig no double patting .
i had 3 triple hook ups with a best going 41cm 38cm and a 36cm oh how i wished that was 1 fish i was bringing in .
this was the best plaice session i have ever had . ended up with about 19 plaice 3 flounder and a codling and still biting when we left.
there was a seal about 100yds out with a good sized plaice must of been in the 40-50cm range having a hard time trying to get it down i think it gave up in the end .bloke next to us lost a sizable bass at the waters edge.
the venue seems to be fishing even better than last year at the moment.
all fish returned bar 4 for the pot.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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