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I dont agree with that comment tozer. You can induce both carp and mullet to feed when they're crusing on the surface.

I manly fish for carp on the surface, im not into the whole idea of casting out and waiting for ages for a bit. By feeding in a manner that will turn fish on, those fish cursing around can be caught.

Ill be honest i have more experiance with getting carp to feed by getting the fish to be activly searching the surface by putting out a whole slice then scattering a few smaller peices around it, But ive used the same techneque with mullet with success, the key with mullet is to get the juviniles in the pack to feed, and the larger fish will feed out in way of compitition, this is where ive had my best days of mullet fishing, But it does require high sun and no wind.
I think you'll find that those cruising Carp you're inducing to feed are already on the look out for some grub, as Carp are most of the time, your advantage is, when they are actively in the upper layers, as they tend to be in warmer times, you see them and chuck out some food, if you try to get Carp to feed on the surface, when they are feeding hard on the bottom, you'll be doing the same casting out and waiting, when casting and waiting for fish feeding on the bottom, you can't see the fish, so you make an educated guess as to where you think the fish will patrol for food, you then have to do the waiting in the hope you're right, Carp are eating most of the time if they find food you just have to cast and wait in the hope they find your food.

Now ya got me started on bl**dy Carp lmao....

AL ..
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