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Finished work at 3 on the mark for 4pm,.looking for a bass:rolleyes:
1 light Daiwa beach rod with same fixed spool
2 hook flapper with a 4o/Z flat lead sizero 1 quality Aberdeens!
Baits a few king rag 4 green frozen peeler and a herring to cut up
Into strip!

Rod started nodding straight away with dogs on the crab and then 2 schoolies around the 1/2lb mark! A gurnard on King rag and all went quiet by 5 ish! Low water came and went at 5.30ish!
First bites again at 5.45 just on the herring strip with dogs (1 nice one around 2.5lb) a gurnard to finish off at 6.30ish

Few hours I needed today on the fishies.,.really enjoyed..
Work away and holiday coming nice to squeeze in a sesh.......

Talked to a tidy guy chucking plastic:rolleyes: picture of him for his memories:laugh:
Few pictures as usual.last picture in when I was leaving..tide surge making tide rush a bit harder.............Get off there quick me thought!

..cheers guys tight uns;)


1 - 20 of 21 Posts