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Mundesley, Weds

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Short session wednesday evening, couple of hours fishing the ebb after work. It's been a couple of weeks since I last fished, maybe I was a bit rusty. First cast, fixed spool loaded with braid, came back in with some of those lovely, loopy tangles that braid gets! On with Penn 160, 'nested that, on with seastreak, that too! Getting cross. Cut off the tangled braid, resumed with that. Couple of good bites, that I missed, then a slow drag, which at least returned one set of lost gear (pinpoint casting, eh?). Finally, last cast, a small whiting on the huge lug/squid pennel. All in all, a very nice evening....
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We need a bit of rough weather to bring in the fish, I had a few hours there on tuesday,only caught 2 whiting,
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