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out with Ospray and Sander from Wallasea today and what an excellent day, pb's,new species the lot.straight away desert rat into a 3-4lb cod...oh yes here we go...then its mark's turn nice roker...oh yes here we go...then tony,roker...oh yes here we go.....mark,tony,chris, mark,tony,chris(excellent watching both of them at once(photo somewhere))...:fish:boy blanking.....then at last got into the action,loads a skate to...5lb(dunno??mark,how big?)new species 4 me. an 2 cod to 5lb..pb4me.oh yeah they had loads too(no pb's or new species for the chaps.just me.
thanks again for an arm bending session mark,nice 1 chris(c u soon),bright an early ratty?!?

how did every1 else get on?
tight lines sunday session to all(Just had a phone call from my mate Minty to go down the OJ at 03.30)Zzzzzzzzz
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