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So up until this summer I’d been struggling to catch a decent amount of good sized Bass. I’d considered myself more of a fair weather fisherman if was honest, only finding myself out there when the sun was shining with the notion of only going to fish to catch a sun tan, if I caught a fish it was a bonus.
I’d be stocking up on rag or lug to use on a ledger while fluff chucking for Mackerel in between. My fishing to me was enjoyable but lacking in both numbers, variety and size.
I’d happily chat to anyone I ended up fishing next to on the Brighton marina wall to gain a few tips while offering what little knowledge I had if they were as novice as myself.
I’d venture east to Newhaven and west to Shoreham occasionally but I needed to up my game if I was going to catch Bass or for that matter any large fish other than Mackerel on a regular basis. To me, tinsel tossing, while still enjoyable was becoming too easy.
I needed to take fishing for a tan to the next level.
I’d even bought myself a RIB two years ago but still I wasn’t catching anything worth writing home about.
Until, half way through this summer I met who I now call Mr Miyagi whilst propped up against the floating bay on the westside doing his thing and catching a clonker of said Bass. I tapped him on his shoulder.
Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, hypnotise.
Within minutes I’d gained some very useful knowledge he’d been kind enough to share with me, although since, he has likened me to Dracula sucking information out of him that he wouldn’t normally have shared to a total stranger. Just like sucking blood out of a helpless victim. I must have caught him on a good day.
With this knowledge under my belt as well as a few more meet ups with him my Bass count has since increased dramatically.
All this but still only using live bait as ammo. My collection of feathers I’d both bought and made myself were banished to an old ice cream container stored in my ever expanding ‘fishing cupboard’.
‘Keep it simple’ Mr Miyagi told me.
Invisible line with a circle hook loaded with live bait. That’s it...Deadly.
Within two weeks I’d caught my PB Bass, a mere 55cm roughly 4 1/2lb.
Another two weeks later and a modest 62cm 6lb was landed.
Now my hunger for catching Seabass was not only tempting me away from doing my job as a fishman(A fishman sells fish, a fisherman catches fish) but my girlfriend was beginning to think I was cheating on her.
I was upping my game.
So Mr Miyagi tells me I need to see a guy called FishyRob now that I was on a roll.
You can find him on the Brighton Marina Fishing Facebook page he says.
So I join, look him up and find he likes the odd lure or two and offers boat trips.
Hmm, that IS taking it to the next level I think to myself, so next thing I know I’ve booked a double session with this guy who wants me to meet outside Zizzi’s at stupid o’clock.
I’d never really put much effort into lure fishing in the past but loved the idea of fishing light, so I was eager to learn more techniques.
FishyRob may not remember but I caught nothing but a seagull that day and came home quite despondent, he did however confirm the technique needed as well as what he reckons was a deadly lure to use catching those big shiny spikey fish.
I’m determined to get my lure fishing count off the mark somehow so off I go to his favourite tackle shop to purchase myself a Hooligan spinning rod, a Shimano 4000 baitrunner and a bunch of these lures thrown in free by the nice gentleman working there.
Not wanting to wait too long to try them out and going yet another day without seeing the Mrs I decided to do a spot of luring at Shoreham harbour as recommended by the gentleman in the shop.
First cast, I lost the lure, it just pinged off the rod, reminiscent of my feathering days that by now seem like an eternity away.
Maybe lure fishing just isn’t for me.
I had two of these lures left.
Back to another fishing trip with Mr Miyagi who by now has his own set of the same lures in his arsenal after I told him Rob claims they’re the bizz.
I start off the session with the usual live baiting on a running leaded zip lock before turning to give the lure a second chance on the spinner.
Bang, same thing happened albeit just trying to show off with my Kastking reel spooled with braid using one hand which I was convinced was a better and faster cast than Miyagi’s fiixed spool choice of reel.
By now I’m convincing myself that lure fishing really isn’t for me.
I’m now down to my last lure and decide to try my luck on the RIB as it was forecast a lovely day. Monday 30th October you may remember.
Anyway the term ‘Third time lucky’ doesn’t even begin to explain how my boat trip went in this short video.
Needless to say, thanks to Mr Miyagi and FishyRob, I am now a fully fledged Bass catcher in both size and now numbers.
48 in total off one rod with one lure. As well as a monster PB Mackerel 43cm, and my first Wrasse.
What an absolutely awesome days fishing I had.
The only reason it ended was because I couldn’t risk being out there after dark but as you see in the video I leave with what looks like hundreds of seagulls still flying around this hotspot I found myself in. I’m convinced if I’d stayed out there another 2 or 3 hours my fish count could have easily topped 100.
It was just a delightful experience being amongst such a frenzied display of what every Bass fisherman dreams of.
And since then I’ve ventured out again to the same spot and caught my first double figure 10lb monster Bass.
I do apologise for using a towel to unhook the fish and also I chose not to wear the life jacket that’s stored on the boat this particular time as it was so calm and clear as well as being so close to the shore.
All I can say is if you have any doubts about lure fishing just watch this video.
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