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Fished stone wall pier the weather was bright sunny but a bit breezy
fished two hook flappers baited with rag and squid
caught nearly every spiecies i think was in there warsse of all kinds other fish i had never seen before all small stuff up to about 1/2lb but my daughter loved it oh two spider crabs as well
Brilliant place to take your children if they are just learning to fish only thing is make sure you get out towards the end of the pier some snags further in
Wed 18/08
Fished Lyme regis third cannon out
same tatics to start with but did change one rod to a flowing trace not one bite from 11am till 4 pm but i did manage to catch two yachts and one mackeral pleasure boat
the people on the yachts were learning to sail with the instructer standing next me on the pier who very nearly ended un in the drink telling me to cut my line cause his trainees couldn't sail they were in my own opinion bloody ignorant T**ts
the skipper of the macky boat on the other hand was very aplogetic
next time i go here i will be armed with a 40lb lead weight and sink the yachts
thursday 19/08
Portland car park chesil beach
same tactics as above but armed with some peelers as well as rag squid and a macky i got of another guy
used two hook flappers flowing trace feathers and dexter
but fail again to catch anything ppl to the left and right of me they were catching mackies but nothing else
was advised afterwards to go as far left of the tinsel tossers as i could to stand any chance of catching anything
this was all daytime fishing
but thanks to spursboy and his advice we all had great fun none the less so a big thank you to him

Photos will be added later
One thing i will say if you want help or bait Weymouth angling is the place to go most helpful people i found and cheapest
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