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My First Fish,dont Know What It Is

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Hi all,this is my first beach catch,any ideas as to what it is,and to all comedians i know its a salt was fish.I cant just go around telling every one i caught my first monster fish without knowing what it is lol.poss a wrasse ???????????????????
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hi pincher dont want to be a killjoy but it looks like a rockling to me, unless someone knows different, however a fish is a fish, congratulations on your 1st one.
Indeed, it is a rockling - and this means it is the first of many species you will catch during your sea fishing.

We all start somewhere, but please keep track of all species you catch - it doesn't take long to build up an enviable list.

Well done
many thanks all.i caught two of these little beauties,didnt even know the second one was on the hook lol.i was buzzing for ages after that,roll on next friday.
well done m8 u will always remember them little fishies and as they onwards to bigger things fish of corse....
Congrats pincher - we all remember our first fish fondly (mine was a small coalfish).
Nice result mate,first of many eh!you have got that catching feeling now,what a buzz eh! :)
well done m8 your first fish is always the best one mine was a flounder caught in the tyne 24 years ago
Mine was a Conger...not sure about weight,,but he was about 5ft long..

My first ever fishing experience..I caught 3 Congers that

i remember my first fish i was about thirteen and caught a sea bass of edible size from about thirty yards off chesil using a mussel i'd found on the beach!!!
Luck or what!!!
Have only ever had one since
my first sea fish was a mackeral. no surprises there. lol
:D my first fish was a flounder weighing just under 2lb,i was 9 at the time and it was a cold winters morning and i lost both my boots in the mud,but it didnt dishearten me,now i wear chest waders, they dont come off easy!
roll on to many more fish.Not to impressed with barb on the hook though,especially with its small mouth and the git almost swallowed it.i might have to squash the barb down a bit in future and give that a try,will keep me on my toes though.
wen i was a little lad,i used to visit my family up in skotland with mum n cuz n me fished off the wall near the docks,and my first fish was a whiting....and the next 15 or so after that lol, but i rememba it was gggreat fun and i was buzzin............. :)
My first sea fish, a beam of an estimated weight of 4ozs, foul hooked using a telescopic rod. I remember it but it is not in my diary. I have had better since, I'm glad to say.

my first fish (sea shore) was a bass 2.5 pound that was last year so as u can see only been sea fishing a year but my first fresh water fish was a pound plus perch thats when i was 12 many moons ago .
Hi Pincher,

Well done "china" That little beauty will be stored in your memory for the rest of your life.


First fish was a 6 1/2 lb Bass off Mumbles pier when I was about 12, borrowed rod hook just dropped over the side with a piece of kipper on it (yeah I know but I didn't know any better) it's still the largest bass I've caught tho :)
well done, where did u catch them? are you the guy from portland? i remeber you saying once
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