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Being fairly new to plugging with less than a year under my belt, i have now started to collect a couple of the more popular lures.... however, i was hoping to get some pointers in the right direction as to how best they should be worked.

Yo-Zuri Allie Magnet

Lucky Craft Saltwater Sammy 115 Aurora Mackerel

Xorus Patchinko Ghost ||

Lucky craft - Gunfish 95 - Chartreuse shad

Heddon Saltwater Super Spook Silver Mullet

Diawa Chugger Minnow 12cm Sardine

Lunker City 6" Slug-go Arkansas Shiner

The pointers i'm looking for are-
Type of conditions for each lure?
Water clarity for each lure?
Speed of retrieve etc?

Many thanks in advance


Weather Conditions?
Sea State?
Speed of retreive?

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Hi Kevin

Look at the sticky’s on the this page; “Technique” and “Lure guide” should answer most of your questions


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