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My spinning rod has actually caught its first fish tonight, at loooong last.
I went out to fish the point near me on the retreating tide. There is a small dip in the back bone of the point where the current races through, I had tried on the incoming tide and had one or two nudges, so I thought I would try again tonight.

I know you guys favour a toby, so once again I tried my 18g blue/white toby into the current to drift past me on the retrieve. Once again the only big thing I caught with this toby was the rocks. Lost it again to something very solid. Doh! :wallbash:

So then I tried the only other small lure I have, a small Abu krill that the shopkeeper chucked in when I purchased my rod. This time I cast down the current and retrieved diagonally across the race. I got nudges on just about every cast.
Then finally I felt it. Got one hooked, not much of a fight really and came in easily. Unfortunately it wasn't a genuine bite. I had caught a 12" pollack in the back. So a little disappointed, but still my first feel. Let him go with not much damage hopefully.

Then just as the light was going, I had another catch, this time it did fight, my first really. So I tried to reel it in and keep it away from the rocks but, just as I have read on here, it dived for the rocks, I felt it go! Then that was it, it appeared that my line was solid, jammed. This time I knew there was a fish on the end so I was reluctant to just pull and break my line again, so I gave it some slack and waited, as I have read on here. After five minutes or change, but the tide had gone a little more and I decide to walk back along the point and up the small cliff face to the side of me. Here I gained some height and tried to retrieve again. I could feel a little give and eventually the little beastie came over the rock it was hiding behind. And viola! A small pollack. A little disappointed to see it was only approx 10", but it was still my first catch and my rod has broke its duck. If a 10" feels like that did, I can't wait to get a couple of pound on the end.

Thanks for a great forum.

Good night all.
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