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With autumn just about in full swing ( you wouldnt think it with the temps outside at the moment ) with some big northerlys just around the corner i thought i would do a write up of my fishing from this spring/summer.

well my target for the year was to land a 20lb tope from the shore and i would mainly be targeting tope with some other fishing thrown in.

spring started early april for me with a trip to south west scotland with the lads for a day on the rays to get a bend in the rods. With temperatures more like january it was nice when the sun came out and the rays duly obliged taking bluey makerel and squid baits fished at range with the biggest just short of double figures
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into the end of april start of may my attentions where turned to the tope . With temperatures still low and the weather more like winter than spring the first trip only produced dogfish for the 3 tides fished . This just made me more hungry.
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Towards the back end of may the weather had improved alot and the tides where looking good so another trip to the land of haggis and irn bru was in store . Me and my pal where full of optimism this time conditions where perfect and the reports had been showing odd tope being landed . This time i caught everything but a tope and my nemisis the thornback ray where out in force taking full makerel baits as soon as they hit the water. There was plenty of hounds to be had upto about 6-7lb taking crab baits which my mate had fun catching but became a nuisence when these also started picking the tope baits up . I was there for the toothy type and nothing else was of interest at this moment
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my mate did land a nice bullhuss which he was well happy with
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again we fished 3 tides this trip and still no tope . But i was still as kean as ever .

June came and went and due to work Commitments and family stuff i could not get another tope session in . Early july i was back again for one last blast at this mark as the tope move from This area about this time . Upon arival conditions where perfect and the pressence of makerel filled me full of hope . So fresh makerel caught and the battle of fresh bait was dealt with . After 2 hours of nothing my optimism was shattered when 3 razor boats arived and electric pulse fishing for them in which an electric current is passed between 2 probes and dragged along the sea bed inturn popping the razorfish from the sand and a diver then collects . The tope dont like the current in the water and where clearly as far away as possible . I was there now and after a 3 hour drive i was going to stick it out anyway … as the top of the tide arived and so did them big spikey flatfish again , by now i was sick of seeing them now and getting double shots of rays to 11lb on the tope baits .
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After this session my attentions turned to another mark which i would fish later in the year but for now i would have some fun on the hounds down the holderness coast . ( or so i thought )

me and another mate traveled down to fish a night tide and loaded with a bucket of live crab and squid we expected to bag up on hounds . I couldnt of been further away and the ray population of southwest scotland must of had babys and these had followed me to the holderness . I landed 14 rays this session all small to about 5lb with 2 rods not in the water 5 mins before one was on.
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i did manage a schoolie bass in amongst the spikey flattys and as day broke a couple of hounds with the best one going just over 10lb which was very welcome
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my attentions soon turned back to the tope and with lots and lots of studying on google earth picking marks and tides chooses my self and a few mates booked a trip to wales all we needed now was the weather to play ball .

we arived early august with the plan of 4 days fishing . Everyone was buzzing on the drive down but the forecast was not playing ball and we had a small opportunity to fish the first day and maybe a tide the 2nd day then the wind would scream and it would be sheltered marks or an early trip home . After the 5 hour drive then an hour setting the camp up we headed off to the mark . Thankfully a friend had caught me some fresh makerel the night before at home in which i had taken down in a cooler box as i knew makerel where thin on the ground in the area we where to fish . So as the lads put frozen baits out on the big rods and where spinning for fresh bait i fired 2 half makerel baits out oozing with blood and juice and hoped the tope played ball .
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as i put my 2nd rod in the tripod i turned around to wipe my hands and noticed 3 slow pull downs on the tip and a split second later my butt lifted off the floor and the clutch went into meltdown this was it my first tope run that i had worked so hard or all i had to do now was stay composed and land it . I lifted into it and as i did so the fish had other ideas and flat roded me and made my excaliburTT look like a carp rod having another run of 50-60 yards . After this run i started gaining braid back and after a few more short runs it snagged me up sollid , staying calm i could still feel the fish banging so let aload of slack out, the fish swam free but then snagged me again, this time it wouldnt budge , thankfully with the powerful kit i was using i bullied the fish out and got it moving again, i was sweating and pumped full of Adrenalin . The mark we fished was very steep rock and we take a landing net to try and make landing the fish easier, my mate went down to the waters edge as i seen the fish appear in the crystal clear water and it looked a good one at that , the fish pushed in on a swell and my mate missed it with the net and it went back out again , all i can think of here is the fish has had me snagged my leader could be fraid or my rig , staying calm i guided it back intowards him, this time its head was in the net and my mate grabbed its tail and hoisted it up the rocks , i could of kissed him . After calming down i was in awe of this magnificent creature i had never worked so hard or put so much effort in for a fish . The hook hold was solid and the sakuma manta extra was nailed in the bottom jaw . After carefully unhooking him , weighing him and some photos . I slipped him back into the depths to hopefully meet again . BEAUTIFUL .
Water Smile Vertebrate Muscle Jaw

my target was smashed on the very first cast and there he is at 29lb 8oz of total muscle .
After calming down the rods where all sorted and back out , the day passed quietly untill around tea time , when all hell broke loose again, my mate got a run in which he fought and it bust him up in a snag which was gutting to see, another mate then got a run in which he didnt hook . They where back in the area and bang the same rod of myne went into meltdown i was into another tope and couldnt believe it . After another tussle back n forth this one was running more than the first one short sharp runs this one was very lively . Mid way in this one also snagged me up on a ledge , again staying calm i managed to get it moving again . My mate went down again and at first time of asking it was in the net , then it decided to get a second wind and went mental smashing the net to bits , luckily my mate grabbed its tail and hauled him in . This one was looking alot longer than the first one and the top circle hook had this time done the trick . Carefully unhooking him
And weighing this one was like a torpedo and a bit lighter than the first one at 28lb on the nose . But weight was irrelevant . The days fishing couldn't get any better.
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my holliday was complete and the odd dogfish conger and huss then showed up , and as predicted the weather turned nasty and just one more short session the next day when we had a lul in the wind which produced a tope for my mate . That was the end of the holliday and we came home 2 days early . I was buzzing , and still am now writing this . I hope you all enjoy the read . And tight lines to everyone for the coming winter , now bring on the cod .

century tip tornado sport. greys apollo mk3. 2 penn fathon 15 reels. 1 penn battle with braid. daiw
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top report and so great pictures well done lads (y)
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