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Hi all we planned a last minute trip to selsey to target the smoothies after reading previous posts as nothing much coming up round our area (eastbourne).
got there thursday night and set up camp. fished through the night with nothing much other than a couple of schoolie bass and plenty of bream.
friday day loads of bream which the kids had fun catching!
just after dark my daughter cast out a strip of squid on 2 hook flapper about 30 yards (she's 9!!) within 5 minutes her rod bent over which she jumped for joy and reeled in a 2 pound bass!!
no hounds showing yet. got to midnight and the kids turned in the tent for the night leaving myself and the wife to start some serious fishing.
still rods for 2 hours, the wife reeled in and decided to have 1 last cast and use the last peeler crab we had left. she put on a 3/0 pennel rig with half the peeler, whacked it out and went off to put the kettle on for a extremely strong coffee!!!!
the rod had a gentle knock so i gave her a shout, small knock again which she thought was probably a bream knicking the bait, she struck it and the next minute she was being pulled down the beach in shock, i thought here we go again im gonna chuck her in haha!!
roughly 5 minutes later after watching her struggle and hearing her praying for it not to come off, she landed her first smoothie weighing exactly 8lb !!! (im not gonna hear the last of it):giveup:
all in all a really enjoyable couple of days fishing with the family, hopefully it will be my turn next!!

some pics attached, enjoy

good luck to all


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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