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mystery shoal

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Hi all ,,, yesterday--

Whilst out on mates boat in poole harbour at dusk we saw a huge shoal of fish

feeding on the surface jumping right out of water sometimes

tried spinning into them with all our ammo and no takes

but when i tried my home made baited spinner (see mike ladle) with a rag worm

i hade take after take and had one pull the rod tip right over

tried to set the hook but it jumped right off grrrrr

we could not see what they were as light was going i rekon bass or were they

likely to be mullet ???? fish were all around us for about an hour @ high slack water
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100% Mullet :)
i did think at first mullet but when they stated jumping out of water made me think twice ,,,,,
Thanks :yahoo:
Been out fishing for Plaice near the harbour entrance at Poole before and had a Mullet jump clean into the boat :)

Been Mullet fishing in Christchurch harbour and had a sea trout jump in the boat :)

Not going shark fishing :blink:
:) When they got realy close to the boat something spooked them and you could see the size of the shoal ,,,,,

only thing i can compare it to in size of shoal like mackies in summer in a frenzy but all around the boat ,,,,,

Found by mistake aswell good to see our sea is alive and well :)
A few thin lips with the bulk being thick lip mullet.

There are two or three monsterous shoals cruising the harbour at the moment.
They are mainly the smaller sub 4lb fish (the big ones are solitary or pared off).

I think they are schooled up for spawning, hence the over zealous activity and also theyare very bold which suggests they have other things on their minds.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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