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Was off work 2day decided to go Mackie bashing started @ Rhu Narrows fished about an 1hr not a touch then moved up to Invereray Pier (busy) i had nothing but there was a couple of sm Mackerel caught after that went upto the Bistro @ Funace fished 2hrs not a touch :( then went to 1st Quarry about 6-7 other guys fishing with only a few caught fished 2hrs nothing !! tried spinners,plugs & assorted feathers hokkai etc . on way back stopped off @ Arrochar had a few casts hooked one and lost it plenty about but not at casting distance.
Enough was enough decided to pack up just as i was doing that a big Sea Trout jumped out of the water (about 3-4 lb ) in front of me :mad:
Good Days Fishing !!
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