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A poor day for the Nam ladies, they hardly even kept up with the SA ladies. SA ladies managed about 150kgs on a tough area, while the Nam ladies only managed 60kgs+, and my wife caught half of that total!!!!!

So, nearly 200kgs behind, the last day is about 'all or nothing', the area they have is prone to coming good on some days, but they will need to really get into the Sevengill sharks.

My wife moved up from 6th to 5th overall with 4 sharks and an Eagle ray, putting her as top Namibian Lady, so she is going out to maintain that position. The other ladies are motivated by the fact that she is 15 years older than some of the older ones - a pensioner, so egos are a little bruised!!

The chart below shows that even the men had a hard day of it, with only 1.6 tonnes being caught, so hopefully the sharks will play today.

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