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hi all, got myself a fast little run around for mackeral bash,n during the summer. The boat has no nav lights fitted. Can anyone tell me if i am ok with just fitting an all round at anchor wight light (in the form of a pole light) or do i have to fit normal nav lights. The boat is 15" with 55hp engine. Chers Mark

No. If you are planning on travelling in low light or at night you should also have separate Port and Starboard lights. You should use the anchor light only when anchored.
From the MCA (Information on the Regulations Applicable to Pleasure Vessels)

With respect to navigation and collision avoidance any vessel that proceeds to sea, irrespective of
size, is required to comply with the Merchant Shipping (Distress Signals & Prevention of Collisions)
Regulations 1996. It is of paramount importance that all vessels at sea comply with the International
Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea. These are contained within the Merchant
Shipping regulations that also set out the penalties for non-compliance, which could be a fine of up
to £50,000 in serious cases. Vessels over 13.7m in length must report accidents to the Marine
Accident Investigation Branch, however not necessarily within 24 hours as required by the Codes of
Practice. Vessels under 13.7m are not required to report accidents, but good practice would dictate
that serious incidents are reported.
The Regulations require that all vessels that proceed to sea are correctly provided with and exhibit
navigation lights, shapes and sound signalling devices consistent with the vessels' length, type and
circumstances. Navigation lights are required if the vessel is likely to operate at night or in poor
visibility by day.
Owners should ensure that the lights they provide on their vessels are of approved types, also that
they are displayed in their correct position(s) on the vessel.

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From what I have read I Believe that vessels of less than 7m that can travel at more than 7kt must display port and starboard light,if vessel travels at less than 7kt an all round white light would be suffice.....
A 15ft boat with a 55hp should travel faster than 7kt.

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Was out a little while ago with on our boat as the eve drew in and got dark... just out side ramsgate we were trolling up the coast slowly, heading back to port. We saw four or five smaller boats at anchor with out any lights at all.:crazy:

A commercial fishing boat was lucky and observant enough to see two of them and avoid an accident, he shouted at them where are your lights!

As he passed us, he waved hello to us (we were lit right up) and just held his arms up shaking his head ..... I know what he means!

If your out at sea and its low light just be lit RIGHT up, despite the law/rules. Seems insane not to, so easy and cheap to do.

Take care and good fishing

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