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Headed up to a mark north of inverbervie yesterday. Sea was very coloured, wind was swinging S - SSE. Drove up through Arbroath and it seemed calm with very little wind. As we drove further up white horses could be seen further out and by the time we got to Johnshaven/Gourdon the water was just white foam, battering the shallow rocks below.

We arrived at our mark after a relativley short walk, dropped our gear and had a good survey of the area we planned to fish. There were high rocks to the front and sides with a horse shoe bay to either end. the front was too dangerous with white water spraying skywards. We decided to split up I went lright and my mate took the bay to the left.

With no phone signal to keep in touch, we decided to meet back at the top at around 5ish. Got down to the mark which wasn't as hard as it looked and set up on the higher rocks on the left edge of the shingle beach. Got a fish straight away, small around 1.5lb. When unhooking the fish a huge wave smashed into the rocks i was fishing, that was all the warning I needed so I headed back off the rocks and on to the small shingle beach. I was banging my bait as far as I could to try to avoid the big rollers as they swept up the beach. Bites were plentiful, they just lacked ferocity. Managed to pull out 4 fish before my mate showed up, nothing of any size. Seemed going right was the best idea, my mate lost a fish on his first cast but had nothing after that. We decided to make a move down to Gourdon - which had looked so good on the way up.

Arrived there after a short journey down the coast, it was now dark and the wind had swung round and increased in strength. Surprised to see no one fishing on the pier, so we set up right on the end and cast our baits into the channel. I ended up pulling out three small codling but that was it. A few missed bites - thought we would have done better, just seemed as though the fish weren't hungry. Called it a day, I had caught seven fish, returned five of them not a great day but can't complain.

North East open on Sunday - should be some good fish weighed in by someone......
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