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OK chaps i have nearly all my gear for sale :D

Id say this would be an ideal starter kit for someone or simply too add on too what you have already.

So we have......

A pair (that's two) Dragon surf rods 3.6m/12ft casts 4-8oz...been well used so shows signs of beach/pier use.

Cormoran Surf (s 6000-360) its a 2 piece 13ft i believe...nice condition.

Three Fladen reels ready spooled 18lb line.

Team Daiwa Beachcaster Tripod..weighs about 2kgs ish and extends too about 7ft.

Rod bag..carries both rods and tripod with oodles of space inside...out side has a couple of deep pockets with zip and buckle closure as well as Velcro straps and pockets at base of bad too carry external items/brolly/ready made up rods ect.

Holdall with various compartments including a very large centre section that holds a large tackle box.

Tackle box opens up with two layers and decent size base.

Old seat box small...seen better days but OK too store lug gear in.

List below is bits and bobs..

Squid jigs two..70mm long weight 9.6g
Fladen impact release clip down hook size 1 x 3
Fladen impact release clip down hook size 1/0
Lizard rigs..Flattie rig single hook sz 1/0 x 3
Lizard rigs..Flattie rig double hook sz 1/0 x 2
Three packets of 3 lead lifts black
Single 100mm wire boom and oval bead trace x 2
Paternoster arms ss 100mm x 3
Rig making kit..various size hooks/beads/crimps ect in own box.
Crimping pliers
6 x rig winders
60lb Shock-leader luminous yellow 25m approx.
Memorex 20lb line 35m approx
50lb Greased weasel shockleader clear 20m approx
2 x bait elastic
1 x bait needle
13 inch tube modified too hold weights.
Feathers various....
5pkt sz1/0
4pkt sz2
1pkt sz3/0
Mini octopus 3 pkts sz 3/0
Silver ghost 2 pkts sz2/0
Wiggo spinner 8g x3
Sonic spinner 10g x 4 (2 red/2 luminous yellow)
Shadow strike Braid 260m approx..50lb 0.36mm
Lead weights...
2 x Dvice (long version)
13 x 6oz grippers
17 x 5oz grippers
13 x 7oz grippers
13 x 5oz grippers (non roller)
4 x 3ox torpedos
2 x Gemini grippers 8oz (black nose tips)

Open too sensible offers.

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