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Hi Deavin

Try up at Anstruther/Crail harbours,they have been gettin some codling from the shore or you could try North Queensferry below the rail bridge (check out previous posts on this mark) then there's Longannet Power Station (again check posts)
drive up the coast and have a look about when its low water this should give you an idea what the coasts like. In the next couple of weeks Dysart will be busy once the Mackeral come in :D

for rigs.... I normally use 1 up 1 down, for snaggy bottoms I use a pully rig around the Forth. 1st choice in the Forth is Rag/Cockle after this I use Lug/cockle I have never had much faith in fish baits.....they work well, but I dont use em as a rule.
peeler works well so ive been told, again I havnt really used it much
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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