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<font color='#000000'>hi all

in a week or so im gonna buy a beachcaster &nbsp;rod and reel i got 150 pound to spend on both not each so anyone got any advise what good reels/rods etc are out there

btw in live in uk northeast

oh and reel has to be fixed spool/rod has to be for fixed spool two

thanks alot


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<font color='#000000'>HI THERE TIGHTLINES......
just a bit of info on rod choice,i learnt the hard and expensive way so don&#39;t do the same.
the more expensive the rod is&#39;nt always the best.
unless your into heavy rock fishing(which is the worst kind for fixed spool reels,it bends the spool shaft),i would recommend a match rod of some sort,you can bend it when casting which will give you more distance than a more powerfull rod.
i use a daiwa power mesh match.which is exellent and has a 200yrd+potential in the right hands(there are newer ones now).it also lets small fish put up a great fight .
if you need more help conntact me.......ALAN 1066.....</font>
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