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evening tide into darkness​

Nefyn, heading from canarthon north wales ,
top night for bass,went fishing may bankholiday,plenty of action bite wise,
i had 1 school bass, then 1 to aprox 3 lb, and 1 at aprox 6 lb,
oposite wern farm campsite in nefyn through the caravans to the left a path runs down too the beach,i then headed about 200 yards to the right,were the tide had made the area slightly deeper.
i then used clear 15 lb main line and 20 lb black snood combined as leader length and rig , a bead to stop the free flowing boom from sliding compleatly down leaving about 3 ft for the hook length, with a 5-6 oz weight attached to boom.
useing fresh peeler split 3/4 through the middle and pushed down the hook shank
like a worm, topped with bait elastic to enable casting.
casting 50 -75 yards at max.

hope this helps :D - keep us informed if any off you try this spot.

wright off to prepare for cornwall holiday this fri...,
cant wait.
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