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NEW BAIT WELL! Pump to fill it!

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Hi Guys

The old man decided to go all out and make some mods to our boat that involved taking out seats etc!

We have wondering, for about 3 years, how to get a decent bait well in as we dont have the space for the 60 litres drum effort!

Well since he cut away the seats, it turns out that there is a tray under the centre of the boat that I assume was designed to hold the inboard fuel tank, that our boat was never equipped with!

I can hope fully set this up as a live well, but would like all the pipes and wires to run internally with as little cutting and drilling to the boat as possible!!

Can I therefore use an inline pump as apposed to mounting a bilge pump below the water line? they use them on caravans and stuff!

I would only have to use a surface drainer style hole just below the water line then which would be easier to fit and require a much smaller hole but would be permanently in place without me lifting a pump in and out the water!

Any help and advice for what fittings we can use would be great!

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It's only to keep your lobsters & crabs alive, nothing to do with live bait!;)
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